Below you will find a brief guide to evaluating your collection. Classical vinyl records are collected mainly by record label manufacturer and not as one might think by composer, conductor or performer. Decca This label produced the SXL series which are now among the most collectable of classical records. These are stereo records and are identified by the letters SXL followed by a 4 digit number – eg. SXL This can be found on the jacket and on the record label itself. SXL ‘Espana! Later pressings of this series are not worth nearly as much and in most cases it is only the original pressings that are highly sought after.

Divorce Records

This page covers the start of the transition to “stereo only” album releases. In February, , Columbia started releasing albums in “compatible stereo,” with no commercial mono releases. For a short time a number of months , Columbia did ship mono versions of some albums to radio stations, but this practice was discontinued within about a year.

At that time, mono grooves had horizontal “wiggles” that allowed the sound to be reproduced, and the cartridge that held the stylus was not built to allow vertical movement. When stereo came in, the groove was set up to allow one channel to be on each side of the groove, which demanded that the cartridges have both horizontal and vertical movement.

Close up of old Vinyl Records – focus on the record image by Andrew two overlapping circles, if the record company was Columbia or CBS.

To return to front page, click here. See E78PB. Remaining stocks of the latter were jobbed off and exported to Australia, where Camden labels were affixed. So some Camdens will be electrically recorded, and some by the old mechanical system. It is the latter that qualifies them to appear on this page. There was also a light blue label of the same design with dark blue printing.

This is less common, so thanks for Chris Singer from contributing this image, from Australia! See Frank Andrews, HD , Cameo records date from December to as late as — but were probably not continuously available during that period. The Columbia concern evidently had large stocks of these to clear, and as Frank tells us that the trade mark Cameo was registered to Columbia in , they must have gone about it in a logical way.

These first Cameos had a C- prefix. By October , about were available.

How to Date Vinyl Records

Return to : Columbia Records Overview. Skip to : Columbia Matrix Codes. Last Update: April 13, — Additional evidence on cover manufacture for Columbia. No, really. Not deep groove. The matrix confirms the cutting source as tape mix 1.

Agency personnel records relate to the supervision over and management of District destroy 75 years after birth date of employee Destroy when 3 years old.

To search all our name databases for a surname, we suggest you spell out the name as far as you can go to limit the results. The more letters you enter, the fewer results will be returned. If it is a common surname, add a comma and begin spelling the first name to further limit results. Your search results will be the records in the selected database where that surname appears.

Buttons to each of the other databases with the corresponding number of returned records appear at the top of the results page. Clicking on one of the buttons opens that database and its records containing the surname that was entered. Under the Search by Name field is an additional field labeled Table Search. Entering a first name in this field will further filter your results. The asterisk wildcard is operational in the Name Search field.

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Columbia US labels

Easton — and a group of investors. It derived its name from the District of Columbia , where it was headquartered. As was the custom of some of the regional phonograph companies, Columbia produced many commercial cylinder recordings of its own, and its catalogue of musical records in was 10 pages. Thereafter it sold only records and phonographs of its own manufacture. In , Columbia introduced the “XP” record, a molded brown wax record, to use up old stock.

กรุงเทพมหานคร – Get Instant Quality Results Now!

Jump to navigation Skip to main content. This is the official State of Wisconsin Vital Records website. The Wisconsin Vital Records Office is responsible for filing, preserving, protecting, changing, and issuing copies of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, and records of declaration of domestic partnership and termination of domestic partnership for events that occur in Wisconsin.

This site provides information on obtaining copies of vital records, searching our records in person, and other available services. All customer counter services along with in-person research appointments at the State Office of Vital Records are suspended until further notice. If you have a court imposed deadline or have additional questions, please email dhsvitalrecords dhs.

VitalChek charges an additional fee for using this service. Online orders are fulfilled in approximately one to three business days. To place an order by phone through VitalChek, please call Record availability varies by event type and event date. See their websites below for detailed information. Request a Record. Amend a Record.

Columbia Record Company recordings – Columbia label

The Arhoolie Foundation Archive contains many vintage record company catalogs and publications of regional and ethnic music. Not only do these catalogs list recordings, but some have information and photos of musicians and lyrics to songs. Below is a selection from these relics of a bygone era. Click on image to open and view contents not all publications have their contents scanned updated with additional catalogs Song lyric magazine produced by various companies.

Featuring song lyrics, photos of musicians, record lists and advertisements.

These records date from to , when the records of the Columbia Cemetery were kept separately from those of cemeteries in Sonora. In the latter year.

A recording contract might seem like the Holy Grail, but record labels are not charity concerns and their contracts are not set up with your interests in mind. Our guide to contract terms, written by an entertainment lawyer, explains what it all means and what the implications are for the artist. You’ve written and recorded your demo, you’ve played some great gigs, and you can now boast a multitude of MySpace friends, from Watford to Wichita and back again. What do you do?

If this is the fortunate dilemma in which you find yourself, hold fire. Before you do anything, you’ll need to know what’s up for grabs. If you want fame and fortune and everything that goes with it, without the pain of disillusionment and legal hassles later, you’ll first need to do a little homework. Because of their legal complexity, recording contracts can be quite hard to decipher. They come in different shapes and sizes, and will often vary depending on the label, and the status of the artist involved.

Even so, many of their commercial terms are similar. They certainly require closer inspection in an article of this scope. New digital methods of music delivery, such as downloads and mobile phone ringtones, should be covered by modern recording contracts. Recording contracts are legally binding agreements, enabling record companies to exploit an artist’s performance in a sound recording, in return for royalty payments. Exploitation is achieved through physical sales, such as CD, vinyl and cassette; the public performance and broadcasting of works; and the sale of digital products such as downloads and mobile ringtones.

‘Roxanne’ Singer Arizona Zervas Signs With Columbia Records

Beginning in , Columbia Records continued development of this technology. Peter Goldmark and his staff undertook exhaustive efforts to address problems of recording and playing back narrow grooves and developing an inexpensive, reliable consumer playback system. The EP discs typically emulated the playing time of the former 78 rpm discs, while the LP discs provided up to one-half hour of time per side.

In late , a system of cutting and playing back stereo was devised and generally accepted by the industry. Consumer acceptance of stereo LPs was somewhat cautious initially but grew steadily during the early s, and the industry largely discontinued production of conventional monaural LP records and playback equipment by Similarly, the introduction of high-quality but expensive quadraphonic four channel reel-to-reel tapes and 8-track tape cartridges in led to the introduction of quadraphonic vinyl records, which arrived on the market in

Date/Time, Incident #, Location, Apt/Lot, Type. records found. 8/27/ ​ PM, , MEXICO GRAVEL RD, FRAUD. 8/27/

Despite countries having to be bailed out, stock markets in chaos and even gold on the slide, the price for mega-rare vinyl remains unaffected by the recession. Collectors are still prepared to go all out to attain those precious artefacts. This list of rarities is only the tip of the iceberg – the Rare Record Price Guide lists over , entries. The Beatles, the Sex Pistols, David Bowie, Queen and Led Zeppelin continue to dominate the top branches, but a massive number of new entries from the late 60s and early 70s have now muscled their way onto the hot property ladder.

Have you got them? Their second LP sold poorly. This, their third, was released under contractual obligation with no promotion. Engineer Brian Carroll threw away 20 copies!

The Barbra Streisand Album (1963)

Compared to compact discs and digital music, the vinyl record may seem obsolete. Despite this, there is a hardcore group of vinyl enthusiasts who still collect not only new vinyl records, but older ones as well. If you wanted to sell a vinyl collection or get it appraised for insurance purposes, you must first know how old each record is. On very old vinyl, this may not be easy to tell right away.

The date the employment began; The employee’s wage rate, whether paid hourly​, by salary, commission, flat rate, piece rate or on some other basis; The hours.

More Images. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Columbia Edit Label. Columbia Profile:. Columbia Records is the oldest brand name in recorded sound. Easton, the company first sold phonograph cylinders and later disc records. This was sold in to its own management, and then the independent Columbia Graphophone Company Ltd. This was then merged with The Gramophone Co. EMI in The label was introduced in Japan in by the Nippon Phonograph Co.

For the next few decades the Columbia imprint trademark was exclusively owned by Columbia Graphophone Co. In , Columbia Graphophone Company Ltd. In January , The Gramophone Co. However, since the trademark was not owned by an EMI affiliate in Japan, Sony was not able to acquire it for that market.

Hozier – Someone New

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