Kagome opened her eyes a crack, just enough to peek through the veil of her lashes. Even that little bit of light hit like a dagger to the brain. Inuyasha’s face was close to hers, his deep brown eyes wide with worry. She smiled to herself. I can see why they started calling him “Puppy,” she thought. She tentatively opened her eyes a bit further. He was crouching on his haunches next to the bed, dressed in blue jeans and a Bullwinkle the Moose t-shirt, his long auburn hair cascading loose around his shoulders and down his back. Whatever kind of wine that was your dad served last night, I don’t think we should run right out and buy any.

InuKag Forever

Chapter He put on a pair of boxers not once making eye contact with the girl sitting on his bed. Kagome couldn’t help but fear that Inuyasha had regret what they’d done. She sat on the bed placidly waiting for some kind of acknowledgement from Inuyasha.

You need to get back into the dating scene,” InuYasha said. Kagome Higurashi was sitting at her desk at work, thinking of how much she despised it and.

Studying her reflection in the floor-length mirror, she bit her lip, uncertain. Surely, jeans and a nice blouse would work, right? Now, should she wear her hair up, or down? Gathering back her long, wavy locks, she turned her head from side to side, frowning. The sheer possibilities were overwhelming. It was so much easier—strangely, so much freer —to have him make them for her.

Not to mention, of course, that she liked him calling the shots. He was so good at it— born for it, even. Shaking her head to clear it, she clenched her fists and made for her bedroom door. No —she was not going to do this. She was not going to let that jerk Sesshoumaru infringe on yet another one of her evenings—in any way, shape, or form. Are you going to the store, dear?

FanFic: Mood Stripes

Heat by Leloi. Inu Yasha watched with borderline fascination as Kagome went about her nightly ritual. He had watched it countless times in the past two years and it never deviated from its form.

Kagome’s lashes lowered, her body heating at the thought. Shaking “Er, no I’​m going out on a date, actually.” Is your date with Inuyasha?

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inukag smut

Disclaimer: I have Sesshoumaru locked in my closet because I do not own Inuyasha and am trying to steal him. Kagome sighed heavily. I’m happy living the way that I am and besides you are taking the lazy way out of this. Inuyasha had begged Kagome all week long about going on a blind date and she still refused. What was bad was that he expected her to go on a double date with him and Kikyou.

Kagome was not having that.

F/N has the anime even throws in a date again for a good kagome/inuyasha where do this fic. What kagome lemon fanfiction. Of the whole thing starts dating.

All credit goes to their respective owners. Miroku and sango had twin girls and recently a baby boy at the end of the show…Now apparently their son is all grown up with his own boomerang and Sesshomaru has twin girls in the new sequel…Hmmm. HMMmmm… gehJsvkVshsjak?! My mind is freakin messing with me again with new inuyasha and sesshaomru theories! What are the producers of yashahime up too.. Or are they?! Also the red hair stands are the same color as- the fire rat robe, that currently looks like it was cut up on yashahime… but inuyasha is also still wearing it to?!


Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sweet Inuyasha and Kagome Stories. Sweet, cute, and fluff stories that are great to read! If you wanna join, then send me an review or an E mail. Always Wanted by LoveAcrossTime reviews Inuyasha wakes up in the middle of the night and looks over at Kagome beside him. He thinks about her, what she means to him, why he loves her.

When Inuyasha returned to the Higurashis, Kagome radiated with irritation Guess it was different knowing he was dating, and seeing him kiss.

Robin and Starfire. Beast Boy and Raven. Rivalry-Robin and Starfire. Tutor-Richard and Koriand’r. Just a new girl? Once again she had gotten into a fight with her father about her future. She wanted to be a grade school teacher. It had aways been her dream to teach children, ever since she was a child her self. But her father wanted her to aim higher, like a doctor or scientist.

Inuyasha Spills First Details About Inuyasha and Kagome’s Child

Inuyasha knew he hated Kagome for an irrational reason. But, it was the principle of it all. Keep reading. This idea came to me literally out of the blue one morning and I wrote it in a single day. My back was killing me. She stumbled down the hall, gently calling out his name before she popped her head into the empty living room.

Category: InuYasha > Het – Male/Female > Sessh?maru/Kagome > Sessh?maru/​Kagome Dragon prints: I got a date with a hot chick, see you all later! Sango.

How dare you lie to me! You said you loved me so much! You said you didn’t care at all for Kikyo! But you almost went to hell with her! I know you want to go to hell with her. You cannot have both Kikyo and Kagome. And Sango’s never hurt, right? She just gets really pissed off.

When you read very bad Fanfiction

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