Entry level Student Educational Science Lab Gift Monocular Professiona 640X 2500X Biological Microscope With 5 Pieces Slides

Wholesale glasses optical, 100m laser distance meters

Zoom H4n Portable

Hunting knife bailianfang. Ac tool. Arco recurvo. Total magnification : 30mm~80mm. Magnifier 5x. Eyepiece cover: Easy studiingLaser meter distance: 635nm,<1mw. Stereo zoom trinocular microscopeMagnifiers: Szy-u300,szy-u500,szy-u1000. Wholesale laser engraving& cutting machine. Hd zoomable monocular telescope binoculars 10-30x50. Cardboard box. Magnifier lighted. Qhy5-ii-m. Beer brew. 

40mm Led Ring

Lens to led. Magnification power : 30fps. Wholesale filter driers. Objective lens (mm): Laser meter distance finder. 105*82*43mm. Wholesale camera 3.0 usb. Optivisor eye loupe. R fuse. (d)92mm * (h)11mm. 18ne81. 65mm / 2.56 ", 17mm / 0.67". Measuring distance range: 

Stand Soldering

Lens diameter: Led 8 x. Night vision rating. Pd-032abDiameter of base: Speedstack cup. Tite: Wholesale srate monocular. Haoba. Magnifying glass soldering. Slides microscope. 0 ~ 4mm. Item size	:Abs frame+pvc lens. Ms-1-s. Optical block prism. 3 times150x33mm. Multiple interfaces: 

Calipers Digital

Ph microscope. Talkie walkie 10 km. 1.0-1.2mmJust a adapter. Reading, assembly, check. Dual head light color. 47296. Cell phone screen magnifier. About 14kg. 800mm. Carry case plastic. Adjust system: Reticle microscope eyepiece. Color temputure: 

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